What is Victoria Lee Jones Cafe Society about?

My dream will be to one day to live in France and own my vintage cafe shop there...

While I wait for that dream to come true, I created VictoriaLeeJones.Com. which is a blueprint of what my cafe art gallery vintage studio shop would be like. With this online platform I am able to showcase and share my latest original abstract art and creative writing. In addition to making and selling my art in prints we are also a vintage and gift shop. Our gifts by Victoria Lee Jones are gift boxes or baskets filled with retro and vintage finds, along with some edible goodies like bags of teas, coffee, hot cocoa mixture, and or our favorites gluten free cookies.

In our Victoria Lee Jones Le Blog section you will learn about the inspirations, projects, experiments, musings, writings, and behind the scenes of my life as an emerging artist. And if you love stories and anecdotes you will no doubt love my new blog segment called Tales from the Cafe, which is a compilation of fun stories of your favorite cafes from around the world.

And we can't forget what started the whole Victoria Lee Jones Cafe Society in the first place! Yes, our Victoria Lee Jones Cafe Society story! We are thrilled to bring to you our latest Victoria Lee Jones Mini Series: A Story of a Time Traveling Secret Agent. Episodes will be posted on our Mini Series Page for all to enjoy.

We hope that you enjoy your stay.

Thanks for stopping by!

Yours Truly,

Victoria Lee Jones

Carmen Johnson's Bio

Johnson grew up in sunny Miami Florida along with her three siblings. As a young girl she enjoyed performing along with her family on stage where they sang and danced. On the weekends her parents would take her and her siblings to the beach, a museum, an outdoor art festival, or a music event. From then Johnson developed a love for vintage, art, and history. At a very young age her love for classy style clothing became part of her signature look. And as she got older she appreciated the Art Deco designs spread throughout Miami and Miami Beach.

In 2008 Johnson was captivated by the British documentary Time Warp Wives. Inspired by what she saw, Johnson started her career as a "Retro Reporter." She created her Time Warp Wives blog where she could interview and meet people that have that passion for that old school lifestyle. In addition Time Warp Wives also features retro events, movies, music, fashion shows and the best retro places to shop. Those who go to the site will also enjoy beauty, fashion, and home keeping retro tips, passed down from past generations.

In 2009, Johnson started her film company "RetroTimes Productions". Over the years Johnson created short films about art and retro culture. In the near future Johnson will be documenting in her YouTube page her artwork process. In addition to that she will add archive films along with audio and visual storytelling from her own series and poetic writings.

In 2010 Johnson has brought creative writing and acting to a different level when she launched her new fictional story, Victoria Lee Jones Cafe Society. The name of the main character Victoria Lee Jones, through her time traveling journey becomes a secret agent. A little after Johnson started writing her novel she created her blog https://victorialeejones.blogspot.com where she shares her inspiration and creative process besides her fascination for the Victorian era.

Johnson loves to decorate. In 2011 she became an Interior Decorator after graduating from Ashworth University. Her home is a reflection of her love for France and vintage design. In the near future Johnson is planning to fix her backyard where it too will reflect her love for French and Italian gardens.

In December 2018 Johnson started experimenting with acrylic paints. As soon as she finished her first painting her love for abstract art grew. She knew that she wanted to continue to enjoy painting not only as a pastime but also as a profession. Her first labor of love which took her months of completion became very symbolic for this emerging artist. The title of this painting she named "Bold Girl", which is about a girl coming out of her shell and ready to embark on a new journey in her life. At that time the artist named Victry was born. Her art portfolio can be found in her website VictoriaLeeJones.Com.

In May 2020 while in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, Johnson wanted to bring a smile and joy to people's life. So she created Tales from the Cafe, which is a fun compilation of actual cafe stories and anecdotes from around the world. This new feature could be found in her blog at https://victorialeejones.blogspot.com.

Johnson's future goal is to become an architect like her beloved uncle that passed away years ago. She is looking forward to utilize her current and future skills to embellish our beautiful planet. Johnson works full-time as a volunteer in her community by visiting her neighbors and teaching them about the promises of a paradise earth under God's Kingdom government.

Johnson loves to spend time with friends and family and to talk about various interesting subjects while having a cup of tea or enjoying a delicious meal. And when the weather is nice she enjoys being outdoors walking her dog or going on a bike ride with her husband around their own neighborhood. You may spot Johnson shopping at her favorite vintage shop or buying at her favorite natural market place. At home in her Paris room she enjoys listening to jazz or watch her tcm movies while she is creating her artwork. Her favorite movie is Back to the Future. Her favorite artists are Andy Warhol and Alphonse Mucha. And her all time favorite movie star is Audrey Hepburn.

Johnson resides in Orlando Florida with her artistic and wonderful husband Bill and their smart dog Chewie. Her dream is to one day live in France.

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